Harajuku Perfume

Everything You Should Know About Harajuku Perfume

Harajuku Perfume

Earlier, when you buy a perfume brand, there used to be a particular fragrance. For instance, if you are getting a branded perfume from the cosmetic shop, they will be selling Jasmine flavor or vanilla flavor. It was not possible to obtain hundreds of flavors for a single brand of perfume. In the case of harajuku perfume, the concept is totally different. There are more than 20 varieties of perfumes.


23 perfumes for a single brand
Among these varieties are the super G, Jingle G, wicked style music, wicked style Lil agel. Tese are all the new perfumes, introduced in 2011. In 2010, few other perfumes like harajuku lovers wicked style G and wicked style love were produced. Other products like harajuku lovers sunshine cuties lil’s angel and and cuties baby were produced.


Though they are of different women, it can be used by women of all races. Some perfumes will be named as though they can be used only by kids. But it is just to make the name of perfume to sound more joyful and lovable. During the initial phases of production, there were certain popular varieties of harajuku perfume. This includes g of the sea, harajuku lovers baby, harajuku lovers G, harajuku snow bunnies and so on. In 2009, the snow bunny love was quite famous. You could be amazed at the range of flavors that you can find in harajuku perfume. This has been achieved due to the efforts of so many perfumers like Pascal gaurin, Adriana Medina, christella Laprade and so on. Though it was founded in the year 2005, it has come a long way since then and has established a special place for itself amidst the perfume lovers.

History of harajuku perfume
This was founded by Gwen Stefani. When you look at the background of this perfumer, she was a pop musician and an American by origin. She was both a solo singer as well as one of the singers in a pop band. When you just ponder over the name harajuku perfume, you will surely observe that there is a close connection between the name and Japan. You are quite right. This is surely a Japanese name.  The design and the entire structure and contents in the perfume also have a close association with Japanese culture. Stefani was always projecting a wonderful style and was keen on the latest fashion accessories and perfumes. She was more fascinated by the street fashion in Japan as well as the culture of people in Japan.

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Lasting fragrance
Those who wish to get a lasting fragrance at all times can use Harajuku perfume. But this does not mean that the perfume will be so strong. It will just have a mild fragrance and sometimes it will not even be noticed. Ylang, ylang, rose and pink pomelos are certain flavors that mingle with one another to give a beautiful combination of perfume. Different notes combine easily to give a perfect blend. Other flavors like peach are also seen in Harajuku perfume. If you wish to use a perfume on a day to day basis, this is surely a good choice. You can look out for more information on http://www.fragrancenet.com/harajuku-lovers-love-perfume/gwen-stefani/womens-fragrances/wf/en_US/20220.